#BuzzStory: V Fest 2013

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#BuzzStory: V Fest 2013

Summer season is festival season. It’s time to bring out the bands, music, cider and wellies. With Glastonbury, Wireless and Lovebox behind us, we decided to take a look at the online buzz surrounding V Festival which took place in Chelmsford and South Staffordshire last weekend. Headlined by Beyoncé aka Ms Carter, Kings of Leon, Steve Angelo and Calvin Harris the weekend caught tweeters’ attention with over 60,000 tweets published in the lead up.

Twitter Analysis

As expected, Beyoncé is one of the top acts mentioned. The majority of the tweets were from people in awe that they would be witnessing pop’s biggest diva at the weekend, many listening to Beyoncé albums to fully prepare for the show on Saturday. What is surprising is that fellow headliners Kings of Leon fail to make the cut. With Beyoncé mentioned in over 2,000 tweets and Kings of Leon around 500 it seems that Beyoncé was the most spoken about out of the two main stage headliners.

#BuzzStory: V Fest 2013

Another interesting feature of the tag cloud is that phrases associated with One Direction pop up here and there, even though the teen icons weren’t performing. After Vfestival the Twitter account @1dsuperhumans got the most mentions with a huge 775 re-tweets of this picture of One Directions Niall. These young stars seem to always steal the limelight, even when they are not part of the show!

#BuzzStory: V Fest 2013

Of course, in true British tradition, complaints about the weather were on the cards. “So it looks like I’m going to need to buy some wellies for V fest cause it looks like it is going to rain #Vfestival”. The to wellie or not to wellie dilemma was brought up by many tweeters. Of course the heavens opened on Saturday night with festival go-ers soaked to the skin while waiting for Beyoncé who arrived 20 minutes late. Her delay was picked up by the media as frustrated fans booed her on arrival.

It’s a unique way to start a headline set like this to a chorus of boos

The Metro

V was a hot topic of conversation thanks to the great talent attending the event. But where does Britain’s most commercial music festival stand in comparison to its competitors? We took a look at the share of voice between V-fest and others including Bestival, Reading, Leeds and the iTunes festival, among others. V-festival stole the limelight but as it was the week of the festival this comes as no surprise. Now that the show is over the next phase of excited tweeters will undoubtedly emerge for the next weekend, Reading & Leeds. Bestival (which takes place mid-September) had the second most mentions, perhaps due to the fact that the headlining act will be British Music Royalty Sir Elton John.

One of the most impressive line-ups of the entire calendar, thanks to the presence of Elton John, Snoop Dog (or Lion or whatever animal he’s being today) and Franz Ferdinand

What Culture

Festivals are always going to spark discussions amongst social media enthusiasts, especially now that access to the celebrity has become more and more attainable, so good acts are a must for festival organizers.

Timeline of tweets mentioning V Festival

Timeline of tweets mentioning V Festival

Bring on Reading & Leeds

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