Beverage brands rule January's Spotlight on Social Video

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Beverage brands rule January's Spotlight on Social Video

January was a busy time for brands. The biggest advertising event in the sporting calendar hit TV at the start of February and the online preparation began just after Christmas. As a result Budweiser made it as one of our top brands thanks to its Super Bowl offering, and pushed the beverage sector to dizzying new heights.

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January in numbers:

1,419 brands produced 14,745 videos which were viewed more than 367 million times.

Top Sectors


The beverage sector didn’t make it into the top 10 sectors for producing the most videos, which makes its other results even more impressive. With an average length of 202 seconds (3.6 minutes) the sector took 24% of the total views and 24% of the total Facebook interactions, making it the top performing industry in both categories.


The tech sector is never far from the top spot. In January 16% of all videos were produced by tech brands, the second highest overall. The sector also took an impressive 12% of the total views and 9.8% of all Facebook interactions, an impressive score given the volume of videos produced.


11% of the videos tracked in January were produced by the Entertainment sector. Impressively 10% of views were attributed to the entertainment sector and 13.5% of all Facebook interactions were linked to entertainment videos, an engagement rate of 3.5%, showing that the content was not only very viewable but also engaging.

Top Brands


Indisputably the king of video in January, Budweiser takes poll position. Two of its Super Bowl commercials were viewed 45 million times in January alone, and placed at number one and six in the top 10. The brand took a huge 14.5% share of views in January, and 19.4% of all Facebook interactions, suggesting the content was highly engaging.

Procter & Gamble

P&G reprised their incredibly successful ‘Thank you Mom’ advert for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sotchi. The video appeared at number three in the Video Buzz Chart and the brand took 4.8% of views and 7.1% of all Facebook interactions registered in January.


Abandoning the Duracell bunny was a strong tactic for the battery brand. Their ad for the Super Bowl, starring deaf Seahawks player Derrick Coleman, received over 15 million views, coming in second in the Video Buzz Chart. The brand claimed 4.9% of the total views in January and 4% of all Facebook interactions.

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Super Bowl ads smash January's Video Buzz Chart

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