Blog Carnivals - what are they all about?

Looking through the @EbuzzingUK twitterfeed last month, I was intrigued by the term "Blog Carnival" being used by Business Mum Blogger, Helen Lindop (@bizplusbaby), so asked her to write a post to explain what actually is a blog carnival and how can other social publishers get involved? Bloggers put in a lot of work to make their blogs successful, which makes the blog carnival such a great idea, as it celebrates the blogger's best work every month. So, let's find out from Helen what the business blog carnival is all about:


The Business Mums Blog Carnival started back in early 2010. I’d been looking for ways of promoting my own blog, and entering a blog carnival seemed like a great idea. There was already a blog carnival for UK mum bloggers, but as a business mum blogger, my posts didn’t quite fit. So, I asked a few other mums running businesses if they’d like to join in and the Business Mums Blog Carnival was born.


Each month, mums running businesses enter their top blog post from that month into the carnival. The host for that month compiles the links into a single post and then publishes it on her own blog. It’s really easy to enter and takes just a few seconds to pick a post and email the link to the carnival host. Here is April’s carnival, hosted by Jen Stanbrook of


And what are the benefits? Well from purely search engine optimization terms, it’s a very easy way to get a link back to your website. But that’s just scratching the surface. Most of us mums work from home around our children. Often at strange times of the night! It can be lonely and it’s incredibly important to have a network of like-minded people around you, even if that’s online rather than face-to-face. The blog carnival is a way of meeting new mums and keeping up with what other business mums have been up to.


I always say that blogging is a team sport! You need other bloggers around you to comment on your posts and to share them around their followers. Our blog carnival is a way of gathering a network of bloggers together and staying in touch.


Another key challenge of running a ‘micro’ business is marketing. Your marketing efforts need to be seriously efficient:  you need maximum impact for minimum effort and cost. That’s why blogging is so popular among mums running businesses, it’s practically free and it’s a really effective way of reaching out to our audiences. Add the blog carnival to the mix and blogging becomes an even more effective way of spreading the word.


Besides all of these benefits, the blog carnival is quite simply a great read. We don’t have a theme because we want to make the carnival quick and easy to enter. That means we get entries on all kinds of subjects, right from business and marketing all the way through to health, interiors and parenting.  So why not take a look?


Helen Lindop writes about running a business around a young family at and is coordinator of the Business Mums Blog Carnival. To find out more about the carnival, including how to enter, click here:  Business Mums Blog Carnival.

Written by Helen Lindop

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