Brands and Bond: winning on the back of 007

To celebrate the launch of the 23rd Bond film, and Daniel Craig’s return to our screens (keep calm ladies), we at Ebuzzing are holding an exclusive showing of Skyfall for some of our fantastic clients tonight. The event sold out in minutes so for the unlucky few who are missing out we’ve taken a look at how some brands have capitalised on Britain’s best loved spy.




 The days of the Martini are long gone. Who has time for all that shaking anyway? In this video Heineken captures the essence of Bond – high speed chases, card games, Russian spies and, of course, the beautiful Bond girl. By including all these features Heineken effortlessly aligns itself with the Bond image. After all he just wouldn’t be 007 without a drink in hand.



Coke Zero

Ever successful in their marketing strategy this video, part of the 'Unlock the 007 in you campaign', makes no exception. The viewer is immediately engaged by the challenge and intrigued to see whether the competitors can unleash their inner Bond. As they bypass obstacles of tumbling oranges, panes of glass and very friendly gorgeous women, the viewer is compelled to watch and see if they can reach platform 6 in 70 seconds.  Coke Zero is transformed into an action packed - yet sophisticated – beverage.  Coca-Cola markets Coke Zero as a man’s brand and let’s face it, what man doesn’t want to be James Bond?


The Olympics

How else would the Queen arrive at the Olympics? No one can forget her arrival at the opening ceremony, parachuting from a helicopter escorted by Britain’s top spy. This video works so well because it captures the humour of the Bond films and pokes fun at the traditional pomp and ceremony that usually surrounds the Queen’s appearences.  It fits in perfectly with the Olympic ethos, there is a serious job to be done, but where’s the harm in enjoying it?

With Sir Roger Moore predicting that Skyfall 'is going to be the biggest [Bond Film] there has ever been' it will be very interesting to see how much extra attention these brands receive. Watch this space...

Written by Ebuzzing UK

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