Digital Buzz: 27.02.12

Digital Buzz, (formerly known as Social Media Buzz in 2011) is back with a bang, packed full of interesting stories from the digital world. We cover Tumblr's latest censorship, Pinterest's growing fan base, and the Video Buzz Chart, as well as the latest technology developments.


Pinterest, the growing creative social phenomena of the year

 With over 11 million users already and Mashable reporting it's now become the biggest driver for women's magazines, it doesn't seem like the emerging pinboard social network is going to slow down anytime soon. It is a contender to social media giants, Facebook, although it has not yet found a suitable revenue stream. Like other social players, it has found itself in a bit of a pickle over privacy, with the likes of Flickr stopping users from repinning images from its site. Check out PC World's round-up of what users should know about copyright in the context of Pinterest.


Tumblr Censors Self-Harm Blogs

Eating disorders are responsible for the highest number of deaths from psychiatric illness in the UK, and it is estimated that 10% of those who suffer from these disorders die as a result. Tumblr has decided that blogs which inspire or encourage users to self-mutilate, or self-abuse in any way will now be censored on the site. It will also aim to educate users searching for such content (under terms such as "thinsperation") and refer them to an organisation that can help them with their issues. Whilst some users have been disgruntled by this decision, it does underline the point that as a public body, Tumblr has the responsibility to provide a safe environment for its users.


What's hot on the Video Buzz Chart?

M.I.A. is topping the Ebuzzing Video Buzz Chart this month, as two of her videos are in the top 5 most watched, commented, and shared videos for February. Check out her latest video supporting Madonna: 





iPad 3 - where's the demand?

Apple's iPad 3 will be coming out soon, but what's going to make people want it at all (for those of us who don't have one) and for those of us who do - why would we want it more than our current iPad 2? Mashable teamed up with AYTM Research to find out. Here's the infographic they put together (US focus):


iPad 3 Statistics
Source: AYTM Research


So, what do you think of the new iPad 3 - will you be getting one when they're released in the UK? And what about Pinterest - it's taking the social media world by storm, which can be seen by its rapid growth, but are you hooked yet? What digital news has caught your eye this week? Share your thoughts below in the comments.


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