Ebuzzing to speak at the next London Blog Club event

On Monday August 2nd 2010 a member of the Ebuzzing UK team will be speaking at the London Blog Club.

The London Blog Club founded by Murray Newlands, runs meetups encouraging bloggers to network with one another and to share their ideas about how bloggers can collaborate in order to grow within the blogosphere.

Blogging is a fantastic way to share your ideas, thoughts, likes, dislikes, ranting’s and ravings. Wouldn’t it be nice if bloggers could make money from their posts? Well, simply put, with the help of Ebuzzing, they can!

Paul Coggins, Managing Director of Ebuzzing UK, will be under the spotlight at next week’s meetup. He will be explaining how the Ebuzzing platform provides a bridge between advertisers and bloggers. Paul will provide the answers that bloggers need in order to understand how they can make money from their blog.

If you are a blogger, or interested in blogging, register for the event today. Not only will you realise the potential of blogging for cash, but you’ll also get free drinks at the event.

The event will take place on Monday August 2nd at:
Theodore Bullfrog
26 John Adam Street London

Register at meetup.com

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