Ebuzzing study : Cars & Social Media

  • Which car brands are most represented on social media? 
  • Amongst these brands, which ones are most active on Facebook and which type of post gets followers talking? 
  • Who are the most influential car bloggers and how do they see their relationship with brands? 
  • How does an event like the Frankfurt Motor Show have an effect on social media?


Find out all the answers to these questions in our latest study, Cars & Social Media, which looks into the presence of automotive brands on social media during an 8 month period last year. The results are based on an analysis of 50 million articles per day from 3 million sources (blogs and information sites) in 5 languages, using Ebuzzing's proprietary analytical technology.




Download the study here for more info on:

  1. Most referenced car brands in the UK on social media
  2. Ranking of car brand Facebook pages 
  3. Influential blogs that make car industry news
  4. Car blogger testimonials: what it's like to be a blogger in the industry
  5. Focus on Frankfurt Motor Show : an analysis of the buzz


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