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In the lead up to Felix Baumgartner’s world record breaking jump from the outskirts of space, the world of social media erupted into an explosion of tweets, articles and blog posts.

Here at Ebuzzing we’ve made sense of the information and have produced an analysis of the jump’s media impact between the 9th and 16th of October across the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

The Facts

Over the week there were 134,157 publications made about the highest and fastest ever sky dive. 51% of these mentioned the jump’s sponsor Red Bull.  

We then divided these publications into three groups – Blogs, Tweets and Media Articles.

  • Out of the total publications 2,359 were blogs of which 44% mentioned Red Bull. Seventy-three of these blogs came from the UK and generated 179 UK blog posts, six of which came from very influential authors.
  • Tweets made up 130,000 of the publications, 51% of them referring to Red Bull. In the UK there were 40,298 authors who wrote 46,317 tweets, 1,544 tweeted by very influential authors. These tweets reached 83,920,562 followers.
  • Media articles were the least numerous format with 1,798 articles published across the five countries analysed. In the UK 48 sources produced 220 articles. 

Timeline for Red Bull publications

  • Red Bull first announces the project on Twitter in January 2010 using #RedBullStratos and tweets on average twice a week.
  • May 2010 Red Bull launches the Red Bull Stratos Facebook page.
  • October they announce the cancellation of the project on Twitter because of a lawsuit.
  • Silence until February 2012 when a tweet announces the recommencement of the Stratos project. The jump is then tweeted once per day on average.
  • In September Red Bull resumes its Facebook postings.
  • Between the 1st – 16th October the attempt is tweeted about several times per day.
  • 14th October Red Bull tweets about the launch 67 times.

The Red Bull Stratos page had 252,000 followers with Red Bull’s main page attracting even more with 785,000. On Youtube the jump received 780,000 followers and 416 million views of the Red Bull channel. Red Bull’s fan page on Facebook also got a huge 32 million likes.

The buzz for the jump came in two waves, one coming on the day the jump was cancelled due to poor weather conditions and another on the day of the successful launch.

Well Done Felix! 

Written by Ebuzzing UK

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It is amazing! The popularity of the Red Bull is so high. It is really because of the promotion strategies they use. The brand is constantly displayed on media because they feature more on sports teams as well as their jerseys. Thanks for sharing the statics by the way.