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Life without email; One Man's Vision of a Social Workplace

Luis Suarez has achieved the impossible – working full-time for IBM, a leading technology company, while living in the idyllic Canary Islands. How is it possible that he can fulfil the requirements of a full-time position whilst being roughly 6,000 kilometers from his office and boss?

In less than 3 years Luis Suarez has reduced 90% of his incoming email, converting his main form of communication instead, to social software.
He embarked on this idea as a sort of experiment, attempting to prove to his colleagues that email, having been essential in businesses in previous years, has now become a procrastination device, as opposed to its before productive function.
Times are changing and he now advocates social software, where employees share data more openly behind firewalls, as opposed to file and data sharing conversations through personal inboxes.

This is a premise that the ebuzzing team adheres to.......... social media is after all about listnening, engaging and creating conversation, something you can’t do necessarily do through an email.

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