Video Buzz : Issue 1

It's Friday! Brilliant, I am very much looking forward to the weekend...

If you need a little break , take a look at the latest viral videos taking the internet by storm, which we've picked out  for you this week.

iPod Magic - Deceptions

I love love love this video!! I guess iPhones don’t need any more advertising, but they should definitely employ this guy. He has managed to get nearly a million views in a matter of a few days! Not only is the virtual magician giving us a magic show using 3 iPhones, which is already mind-boggling, he is also giving a mini-lecture on deception. Combined with the mystical background music, this video is very much a hit and sure to get many more views. I’ll definitely be watching and sharing this one. Creativity is very much king - it’s the key to making sure your video gets viewed over and over again.

Oh oh oh by Golf Boys

Absolutely brilliant! This is such a funny, entertaining video. I am definitely not a golf fan, but watched this video the whole way through. I’m guessing it’s even funnier if you’re a fan of the PGA TOUR players who have come together to form the band “Golf Boys” and sing the ridiculous lyrics to “Oh Oh Oh”. It’s a very catchy tune, and already a viral video, with over a million views, despite only being uploaded yesterday!

Prague Skydiving Arena opening

It’s easy to see why this video has over 350,000 views already, as it showcases an expertly choreographed routine by 4 skydivers. The video names Praha opening, was filmed at the new Prague Skydiving Arena, and it’s definitely memorable - I expect it to still be driving traffic to the arena’s site in the long-term. (*WARNING* Don’t watch this video straight after eating a big lunch! I got dizzy very quickly). The video would benefit from being optimised with relevant tags and a link to the arena website.

The Amazingly Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul

This video could be viral if only they had made it a little more punchy (or maybe because I’m not from the US!). It’s clear that Ron Paul had a lot of insight into the financial crisis of 2008, even naming the culprits of the housing bubble years before the collapse happened in 2001. Whilst the video is getting views, the number of shares that the channel are hoping for may take a lot longer to reach than expected as the view-to-end rate will not be very high as viewers don’t have 10 minutes to spend being convinced - especially when it isn’t the most funny or entertaining video!

Simon's cat in 'Hidden Treasure'

For the cat lovers among our readers, this a cute animated production by Simon Tofield.

That's all for this week! Come back next week for our latest round-up of the funniest, best produced, and brilliant concept viral videos. Have a great weekend :-)

Written by Adwoa

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adwoa 07/17/2011 16:23

Hope you all remembered that you saw the "Oh Oh Oh" video here first, when watching the PGA Open at Sandwich on Saturday!!