Video Buzz : Issue 2

Having some downtime this Friday? Then check-out the ebuzzing round-up of some of the most popular, entertaining, and funny videos out on the web this week.

1. The Google+ project: A quick look‬‏

Here’s a bit of social media news in video format, as Google share their thoughts on the next step in their bid for world domination. In case you’ve missed their latest news, Google released its new Google + Project, which is due to bring some much needed competition to social giant, Facebook. Following social flops, such as Google Buzz and Google Wave, Google + seems set to reverse the trend and be a successful launch for Google into the socialsphere. I for one have been looking out for a better version of Facebook for a while now, and now it seems to have arrived. The project has only been released to a restricted number of people to see how it fares and do more testing. So, let’s see how it goes and watch out for when it comes out for everyone. Are you loving the Google + project?

2. Masterchef Synesthesia

‬‏This is definitely a video to watch for MasterChef fans! There is some great video production work going on here, as the Masterchef presenters quote of “a buttery biscuity base” as well as many other funny little snippets describing food, have been mashed up to create a compelling music video that actually sounds quite good, if you like your bass. It’s understandable that this has become a viral video since it combines a much-loved British show, which already has a huge audience, with added comedic value, creating a new music offering.

3. Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall‬‏

New music video out from Coldplay.

The video is very arty and creative, which really compliments the new flavour of music coming from Coldplay now. I’m really interested in finding out how long it took to record this video and exactly how much paint was used on all those colour-changing walls (or was it just a computer effect?) The mix of psychedelic colour and great music, which has come to be expected from the British band is fantastic to watch and very engaging for the viewer. With such a large global following it is not surprising that the video has managed to reach over 500k views in about 2 days.

4. "Lightning" Amazing Street Performance

This video from a French art festival showcases a form of street art performance that I’ve never encountered before. The performers move in unnatural ways, in time with one another, whilst playing different instruments. Mesmerising video, but not quite sure about the musical appeal. It’s a very innovative and creative performance that will get people interested in attending similar art festivals - so as a marketing tool, it has been successful.

5. Google Chrome: Justin Bieber‬‏

This viral video by Google Chrome was highlighted in YouTube’s trending videos, as each of the last three Chrome spots drew millions of views and spread quickly via social media. This one features the rise of young music phenomenon, Justin Bieber who has risen to fame following his persistence with YouTube, and using it to it’s full potential to promote his talent.

6. Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol - Official Trailer‬‏

As always, Tom Cruise has been made to look a lot taller than he is, and is surrounded by beautiful women. Whilst the video has had half a million views after being posted on Tuesday, I feel that this means it hasn’t done enough to excite old and new fans. As an Action movie fan, I will most probably watch this film at some point, but the trailer hasn’t made me feel that it will be an experience to remember. When it comes to film trailer production, more should be done to make the build-up process more interactive for fans and much more engaging. I don’t want to just sit and watch a video; I want it to take over the page or let me get involved. There are now so many possibilities with HTML5 and YouTube advertising that big budgets (and small) should be trying to deliver something a bit more exciting to viewers. Am I being too demanding?

7. FIGHT TO WIN featuring DeStorm

‬‏The power of YouTube is evident when you watch this music video, which makes funs of video game junkies who become violent as a result of their violent gaming addictions. The funny and very entertaining video features a celebrity YouTube star who really makes the video and has probably helped to secure its popularity, as it reached 1m views in around 24 hours. The song is now available on iTunes and following comments, it seems to have growing fame. It just goes to show that a strong creative and knowing your audience really do help to make your video successful.

8. ‪VW: The Dark Side

‬‏Greenpeace have produced a video as a direct response to the popular VW ad, featuring the litte Darth Vader. It has been really well-made and is very timely, considering all the buzz that the original VW ad created. VW are the targets because they had an excellent creative that provided a really good vehicle for video manipulation by Greenpeace, who have turned the idea against VW using the same concept to show how VW are killing the planet by not signing up to cut CO2 emissions in the future. Powerful marketing.

Hope you enjoyed the second issue of Video Buzz. What videos have been catching your eye this week? Tell using the comments box below.

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Adwoa 07/01/2011 16:56

I forgot to include this video, which was highlighted in the Evening Standard yesterday evening: YouTube - ‪Yeoman Warden At Tower Of London, Part II Of Four‬‏