Why the future is bright for Social Video

2012 was a great year for online video.

The IAB’s 2012 Digital Adspend report came out yesterday. Figures show that online video grew by a massive 46% year on year. Video is now worth £160million and the third largest display format.




But 2012 wasn’t just the year of online video; it was also the year of Social.

Facebook hit 1 billion active users and PSY’s Gangnam Style became the first video to hit a billion views on Youtube (currently stands at 1.5 billion). More branded videos went viral than ever before. The most viewed video of last year by Turkish Airlines: Kobe vs. Messi: Legends on Board has been watched over 104 million times and liked 1.2 million times. Social Video now makes up 13% of online video and is worth a staggering £21million.


In his speech at the Guardian Changing Media Summit Pierre Chappaz showed that Social Video Advertising is the future of online video. Brand engagement with audiences has become an essential part of online video campaigns and Social Video Advertising guarantees engaged viewers, consistently outperforming up to 88% of traditional in-stream campaigns.   


And it’s only just getting started, 2013 has already seen exciting developments in the world of social video. Emotion-sensing technology is now at the forefront of the industry. It is now possible to track a viewers emotional response (with their permission of course) to an online video using facial coding software. For the first time ever brands can assess users’ reactions and responses to an online video, whether they laugh, cry or get bored, before, during and after launch. These results can then be overlaid with typical campaign metrics like CTR and completion rates. By using tools like BuzzIndex brands can optimise their creative content and ensure they produce and distribute the perfect video for a successful social video campaign.


With more and more brands, like Red Bull, Heineken and Adidas, embracing social video and producing original, interactive, engaging content we confidently predict that 2013 will be an even bigger year for social video advertising.


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