Brands Celebrate the Birth of Prince George

Brands Celebrate the Birth of Prince George

His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge was brought into the world kicking and screaming - well we assume that's what Princes do - on Monday night, prompting a media frenzy across the world. Twitter logged over 25,000 tweets a minute as everyone rushed to congratulate the new parents and welcome the third in line to the throne.

Brands also got in on the act, the BT Tower lit up, announcing 'it's a boy!', Google are busy creating the world's largest congratulations card, while Oreo, Coca Cola and Marks & Spencer all released images congratulating the family. One great example, if slightly irreverent, came from Warburton, injecting a little humour into the proceedings.

Brands Celebrate the Birth of Prince George

Other brands released video ads to welcome the little Prince, we've rounded up three of the best which link to Royal Baby George.


Maybe not a brand you would expect to create a video for the newborn, Carling took advantage of the speculation surrounding the baby's gender and the incorrect prediction that it would be a girl.


Kermit and Miss Piggy welcome Prince George in true Muppets style (and shamelessly plug their next film).


Pampers released an adorable ad, reminding us all that every new baby is a Prince or Princess to their parents.

Congratulations Will & Kate!

Written by Lauren Bigland

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