Our Global Network just got even more Global

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Our Global Network just got even more Global

Victor Solis is Ebuzzing’s new International Publisher Manager

At Ebuzzing we’re extremely proud of our publisher network. It sets us apart from the crowd and enables us to deliver outstanding online video advertising campaigns for the world’s leading brands. As Ebuzzing has grown and the advertising market has changed so has our network. It’s now made up of over 20,000 premium sites, blogs and social games as well as mobile apps and sites.

With campaigns being sold in more markets than ever before, including LatAm, APAC, the Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe and the US, as well as the EU, we need to continue to expand our publisher network globally. With 13 offices worldwide we can increase the incomes your global traffic generates, even in countries you might not expect. Still not convinced? Drop us an email with a breakdown of your traffic by region and we’ll show you exactly how we could help you earn extra revenue.

If you are interested in monetizing your international website, mobile site or app please get in touch. We offer the opportunity to earn incremental revenue streams through our range of innovative, user initiated, online and mobile ad formats. We have a wide selection of ad models, from non-standard IAB formats which open up additional income avenues, to content gating formats which monetize your premium content. We always offer campaigns which complement your site.

Ebuzzing is growing quickly across the globe because advertisers and publishers love what we do.

Go on, get in touch.

Email victor.solis@ebuzzing.com or call +44 (0) 207 467 8617

Written by Victor Solis

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